Charity Christmas Elvis

Charities play a big part of Christmas, and this year the owner of Nomad Studio One took up a challenge by the staff and founder of One Eden Spain to cycle from Spain to the Gibraltar office dressed up as Elvis Presley and to then spend the day dressed as the king. A chilling thought although given that there followed several pledges for charity, Shawn agreed to the challenge and proceeded to buy a suitable Elvis costume for the event.

The staff of One Eden were eagerly watching the Gibraltar frontier entry cameras ( for proof of him crossing and proceeded to ensure that several videos were made of him performing with guitar around the offices and during client meetings.

Shawn commented “After the initial embarrassment of getting on to the bike and cycling off, I was expecting the worse at the frontier queue and passport control, however it was really strange to pass through without even a snigger or check, nor asked to remove the wig or sunglasses as proof of ID, it seems that the sight of someone dressed in a white diamond encrusted jump suit on a bicycle with a guitar on their back was just like any other day”

“It was a great experience and there were so many generous pledges, and I am thrilled to have raised money for the combined charities of the GBC Gibraltar Open Day.